Amboseli Eco Camp is located in Kenya, in the Rift Valley Province, District Loitokitok, near the small town of Kimana, 230 kilometers southeast of Nairobi, and about 40 kilometers from the border with Tanzania.
It offers visitors the sublime spectacle of the African savannah with views on the Kilimanjaro dominating Africa from its 5895 meters, and the Chyulu Hills, the youngest mountain range in Kenya emerging about 600 years ago giving way to volcanic and lush landscapes.

Safari is a Swahili word of Arabic origin meaning “journey”.
We are primarily oriented towards an ethical and responsible tourism.
You will discover the beauty of our land, and you will witness our commitment to fight to protect this wonderful life-size animal festival.
Amboseli ecosystems are famous for their elephant population.
They form an extraordinary natural setting of lakes and dry shrubs, wetlands and emerald marshes, savanna grassland, dense bush land and acacias whose trunks are of the colour of molten gold in the sunlight.

Undermined by years of drought and deleterious uncontrolled human activities, fauna and flora regenerate through the various conservation initiatives.
The wide variety of herbivores promotes diversity of habitat: Burchell’s zebra population, Grant’s gazelle population, Thomson’s gazelle population , wildebeest, impalas, giraffes, hippos.
Felines are more discreet, although lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and jackals can be observed.
Our attention is focused on them, and we are campaigning for harmonious interaction between humans and wildlife.
Amboseli ecosystem is a real paradise for bird watchers as 400 species of birds come to take shelter there.