Amboseli Eco Camp ...Welcome

We are not sales agents or tourism specialists, but we invite you to share with us a unique experience offering encounters, exchanges, discovery of another culture, and the equitable distribution of our resources that will not change the social system of our community.

Amboseli Eco Camp

Amboseli Eco Camp is a small lodge with 5 bedrooms, near the Amboseli National Park in Kenya.
Established in Maasai land, Amboseli Eco Camp is a structure belonging to the community of Noomayianat and managed by the community.We do not consider our visitors as humanitarian tourists but as people bringing a broader perspective to our problems and the solutions that we have implemented to ease them.
We do not offer enchanting photos of our small lodge, but our pride in having succeeded to build together a real infrastructure; solid, comfortable, attractive and respectful of our environment.

Dispensary - School Ol Doinyo Oibor

Staying in Amboseli Eco Camp, you will experience something truly unique, closer to human and environmental realities, and the cost of your stay will fully and directly finance visible practical sustainable projects.
We decided to open our camp to visitors without having completely finished everything as funding educational, environmental and health projects is a priority.
For this reason, we chose not to build this website using the traditional tourist clichés.

If you choose to come to Amboseli Eco Camp, you will share with us the beauty of our environment, but also the challenges facing us to preserve our biodiversity.
You will also be involved with the Maasai community, without pretense, to share our cultural wealth but also the challenges that we must address.
Humanitarian programs that you will discover are part of our daily lives, and it is for this reason that we will share the progress of various projects initiated several years ago.