Land reclamation

Deterioration problems generated in one place have implications offsite. Runoff and erosion produced on land upstream, cause flooding and sedimentation damage felt downstream.
The soil remediation project mobilizes the entire population living in the area.
The first phase; the stones are collected, will be contained in gabions which will be placed in specific areas. Many local volunteers participate in making the gabions. The stones are brought by truck. Due to the importance of community mobilization, techniques use simple materials and a lot of labour.
The strong community mobilization during handling work has saved a budget line of about 1100 euros.
I&S obtained permission from the lender to allocate this money to the clinic sustainability means, meetings were held with the community.
It is the people’s wish to implement a small tourist structure that will enable the community to work and secure their livelihoods and their social benefits (such as a personal and community health center) so as not to go through again the dramatic consequences of drought.
Site selection was made by the Ancients, near the clinic and other I&S projects.