N’Gaissi Conservation Initiative ( NCI )

The N’Gaissi Conservation Area is managed by the local association Ol Donyo Oibor Community Based Organization (ODO-CBO), under the supervision of I & S. I & S recommunitised all land located on an ancient elephant migration corridor by leasing these lands to their owners and by classifying the area under the status of “conservation project.” An income-generating activity based on solidarity tourism, Amboseli ECO CAMP (AEC) was established in this sector to sustain the projects I & S.
Through this program, I & S implements participatory measures to protect biodiversity and improve the economic status of communities.
The rental and management plan of this conservation area ensure the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat by the recruitment of rangers from the community and a growing involvement of villagers.
The rangers are professionally trained in anti-poaching, monitoring and animal counting.
Two rangers are stationed and monitor the area.
An outpost (bush camp) for housing the rangers has been built.

Localisation project

The project is located in southern Kenya, near the Tanzanian border, the District of Loitokitok, specifically in the rural area of Noomayianat, 7 kilometers from Kimana, a small town which is rapidly being urbanized.
It aims to protect the biodiversity of an area where the environment is degraded.
The habitat of this area is listed in the Amboseli ecosystem. The famous Amboseli National Park is located 35 kilometers southeast of the project.
NCI consists of 18 pieces of land of 60 acres each (23.4 hectares).
The total size of the conservation area is 437.4 hectares.