Amboseli Eco Camp

In 2010, community members started this project without outside help by developing the land and building 3 enkaji then presented their project to I&S. In 2011, I&S secured funding, built two rooms on stilts, and started the construction of the bar and restaurant area. Buildings constructed with the first tranche of financing focused on finishing the dining room and the kitchen, on the installation of a septic tank and a toilet block, on improving the outdoor area of the part reserved for 3 ground floor rooms built according to the architecture of enkaji (traditional residential huts) and repairing the enkaji. A water storage means needed for the various activities of people who had never had a job, quickly trained under the supervision of the construction manager (manufacturing of frames, painting, earthwork and construction of the future terrace, etc.).
For every building made through its projects, I&S promotes regional economic integration. All materials are sourced locally by I&S kenya.

Community Based Organisation (CBO) N'Gaissi CBO

Amboseli Eco camp will be managed by Community Based Organization (CBO) CBO N’Gaissi.
This small lodge will not be subject to any commercial perspective from I&S nor private investors: it will be the exclusive responsibility of the members of N’Gaissi CBO and profits will directly fund the operation of projects performed at Noomayianatt.